Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bills ahhhh!

Hehe, we know that we are now proper adults because we now pay bills! I knew that bills would cost money and we have alloted money that we don't touch for that very purpose. But what I hadn't figured on was how much time that you spend on the phone phoning them with daft questions and requests like 'would they please change my name from Stacy to Sophie please (EDF)' or 'I have set up a direct debit but now I am told by a letter that my payment is overdue what the hell (again EDF)'. I will never understand how all this stuff isn't electronic either. I was sent an itemised billing schedule for the whole year for council tax, however if I want to go and pay it, I have to key in the amount myself. Its not just waiting on the system for me to put my debit card details in. Which means its quite scary because you don't feel sure your actually paying 'your' council tax eeeek!

This leads me on to how on earth we have the money to pay these bills. We are both employed! Yay! Mattyman is working as a dealer in a casino and I am working in a Pub behind the bar. Its fantastic I feel so much better now I am employed we don't have to worry about money much, because between us we earn enough to pay for everything. We even have money left over for fun stuff and savings (I am currently saving for the AAT, I have discovered that if I pay it in full upfront the price is at a 20% discount which would make it around 1600 rather than 1900ish).

Well since writing this and completely forgetting about it I have had more run ins with EDF. 2 weeks ago we recieved our first EDF bill and the bill told me that noting was further needed from us as the bill is paid by direct debit. A week later we recieved a letter from EDF asking why haven't we paid the bill and to do so as soon as possible. So I sent an email to EDF detailing why I haven't paid the bill. After not hearing from them for a week I get a further letter telling me that if we do not pay the bill further action will be taken by them (a debt collector may come around). So I decide after finding a number for them that wouldn't cost me the earth to phone them by, I phoned them up.
After speaking to a very nice man it transpired that although a direct debit was set up their system had deleted our bank details. All this fuss for £27.57, so as a grown up I made the executive decision to cancel the direct debit and pay quaterly like all the other bills that we pay.

Phew now all that is over we have two months without bills (except council tax which is monthly). Now we can get ready for the wedding without worry of our electric being cut off in our absence. Anyway now to go and pack and get ready for going back to Ilfracombe to see the peoples and furry monkeys (who will be very put out when they see us leave early in the morning on Saturday.

Byeeeeeeee for now, watch this space for wedding photos x x x x x x 

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